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24 March 2017

Message from the President of 27th February 2017:
ISSMGE Global Survey on State of the Art (SoA) and State of Practice (SoP)
Dear Members of ISSMGE; Dear Colleagues;
I am most happy to announce the launching of the ISSMGE Global Survey on the State of the Art (SoA) and the State of Practice (SoP) in geotechnical engineering.  Allow me to insist strongly that you all take part in the survey.
The survey will officially be launched on the 10th of March 2017. The link to the survey is:
Please; note that the survey will be running until the 30th of April 2017.
As you know; the ISSMGE is committed to working closely with both the academia and the practical world of the geotechnical engineering profession. I consider that one of its main goals is thus to bridge the gap between the state of the art and the state of practice. In other words; the ISSMGE should help transferring to practice more results from the academic research and; reciprocally; help better feeding the academic research with the needs of practice. The ISSMGE Technical Committees (TCs) are; obviously; the main tool for achieving this important goal.
The intent of this survey is to identify important areas for improvement as well as… recognising achievements our profession has made! This is why it is very important that as many geotechnical engineers as possible take part in the survey and contribute to the best possible understanding of the situation in our great profession.
This survey is the result of two years of planning and consultation. It is a joint product of the Corporate Associates Presidential Group (CAPG) and the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC); which are two of the Board Level Committees of the ISSMGE. I would like to express here my gratitude to the CAPG; chaired by Sukumar Pathmanandavel; to the TOC; chaired by Pierre Delage; as well as to the Officers of all the TCs for their hard work and commitment to the launching of the survey.
The survey is launched well ahead of the 19th International Conference to be held in Seoul in September 2017. The idea is that the results from this survey will be presented and discussed at the Seoul conference. Your views will thus provide valuable input to this very prestigious world conference!
The survey is designed to be completed within a relatively short time frame; which can be as short as
15 minutes. You are not obliged to answer all the questions. Just answer those which you feel are interesting. You can of course take more time and contribute more extensively. The CAPG and the TOC; together with the TCs; will value each and every response; short or long. Please; also note that it is best to complete this survey in one sitting as the survey mechanism does not cater to saving your responses.
We are looking forward to receiving your survey responses. I thank you very much In the name of those who planned and designed the survey; as well as in the name of the geotechnical community represented by the ISSMGE!
Roger Frank; ISSMGE President
27th February 2017